What is an RNG Generator

When it comes to casinos, by default we’re talking about gambling. In land-based casinos the credibility of the games is easy to get. In roulette the spin of the wheel introduces uncertainty as to where the ball will end, while in blackjack the uncertainty is achieved by shuffling the cards of the deck. In dice players are forced to throw them on the wall and this ensures the game’s luck.

It is largely the lucky nature of the games that makes them so exciting. Essentially, you never know exactly what’s going to happen next, and that ‘s the biggest part of the fun. But what about the online casinos where players do not have a physical presence? Ηow it is ensured that the game remains lucky and the casino does not interfere with odds?

It does really make sense that in the online casino world this random nature does not happen naturally and should therefore be reproduced by a software to ensure the game’s law.

And here it comes the Random Number Generator or RNG.

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What is a Random Number Generator (RNG)?

A Random Number Generator is a software that produces a sequence of numbers (roulette, dice) or symbols (blackjack cards or slots symbols) that do not follow a pattern, sequence or mathematical formula. They appear randomly simulating the way this is happening on the land based casino. In order an RNG to be fair and ensure that its results in the long run will be 100% random, it should be unpredictable and unrepeatable.

Is a human intervention possible in the RNG?

No, of course not. Human intervention would mean that the result wouldn’t be RANDOM. When a result is required, such as what the next sheet (number) will be, the software invites the RNG to provide the next random number.

Can an Online Casino using RNG cheat players?

Technically, RNG itself can not be used by a casino to cheat players as it is made to produce 100% random results.

In order to ensure software’s reliability, it is periodically reviewed by independent expert organizations such as eCOGRA, who is the most known. These organizations produce tens of thousands of random numbers using the software and then they perform statistical tests to determine if the produced numbers have by accident some repeatability. If the software succeeds in these tests, they certify it as fair.

What do players need to watch out for?

You should look for such certificates from such organizations in every online casino. However the trustworthiness of an online casino is much more than its RNG. An Online Casino can cheat players by avoiding paying them, even they have won in games that use RNG. Therefore, it is very important to play in trusted online casinos and avoid online casinos which have complaints in the past and generally they haven’t proved their fairness.

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